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QuickStart Guide

The Technology

Velocity Webshots™ is the leader in web previewing technology.  Over 82.5 Million webshots served monthly.

From a Glance

  • Fast, real-time rendering
  • Get started under 5 minutes
  • Non-branded webshots
  • Fully customizable services for use from any web page, web service, or application
  • Service manager for managing your account and services

The Services

All the tools you need provided free with your account.

Velocity LinkShot

Navigation previewing made simple.

Velocity DirectShot

Spice it up, render directly inline with your content.

Velocity QuickShot

It's the Sandbox on steriods!

Velocity Webshots API

Take full control over your webshots needs.

In Action

Seeing is believing.  Give the sandbox a try.