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QuickStart Guide
  Notice: We will be retiring this service on 5/1/2019. It will no longer be available after this date.

Velocity Webshots Overview

What is Velocity Webshots?

Our Velocity Webshots™ technology captures and renders an image of any website address in real-time.  It was designed for the future of the Web.  It is the only web service of its kind that can handle real-time previewing.

Who is using them?

Our current users consist of Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Programmers, Directory Services, News sites, Product Review sites, WHOIS services, and more.  Literally anyone who owns a website and wants to gain the benefits can use it. 

Why should you use them?

With advancements in Internet connection speeds and computer technology, users expect to get more out of browsing the web.  Velocity Webshots™ gives this to them.  They deliver a more user-friendly, and rich experience by applying them to different interactive contexts.  The only limit is your imagination.

Top 10 Benefits

1.  Anyone can use them.. get started under 5 mintues
2.  Add visual stimulation to your website, product, or service
3.  Attract and retain more users
4.  Enhance web navigation and produces more click-throughs
5.  Different services to fit your needs, giving you flexibility and control
6.  Store your own webshots with Webshots API and Velocity Quickshot
7.  Avoid storage and bandwidth cost with Velocity LinkShot, Velocity DirectShot, and Webshot API
8.  No slowdown in loading content using Velocity LinkShot and Velocity DirectShot
9.  Easily manage and monitor the services through your Services Manager
10.  Our webshot services are reliable and Fast!  Fast!  FAST!

How do you get started?

We provide you with a number of easy to use Webshot Services free with your webshot account.