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We have a Flavor for You

It is all about choice.  Keeping in mind that everyone has different needs and skillsets, we have developed a set of simple, yet flexible tools for any job.  These tools are known as our Webshot Services.  You get access to all of them for free - along with email support - for use with your webshot account.  They quickly and easily allow you to get setup and going.

About the Services

Velocity LinkShot

Why settle for plain old links when you can have Velocity LinkShots™.  This webshot service is part of our site tools collection and allows you to easily add navigation previewing to any link in your page.

Velocity DirectShot

Easily enrich your content to attract and retain more visitors with Velocity DirectShots™.  This webshot service is part of our site tools collection and allows you to render Velocity Webshots™ inline with your web content.

Velocity QuickShot

Velocity QuickShot™ is our hosted tool that allows you to quickly grab a Velocity Webshot™ from any website url and download to your computer for any use.  Add to a document, upload to your site, whatever you desire.

Velocity Webshots API

Velocity Webshots API™ is for the more technical crowd who want or need the extra control.  It gives you the optimal flexibility by requesting Velocity Webshots™ using a simple XML API.  Easily integrate with your site, product, or service.  Ability to store webshot images directly to your server.

Managing your Account and Services

Everything can be managed through your Service Manager.  This is accessed by logging in to your account.  You can do everything from update your account info, manage services, read service tutorials for simple to advanced usage, monitor usage dashboard, and preview your billing history.

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